Jan 15

BBB Video Simulcast: Your Input is Needed!

As I mentioned on the BBB 2015-01-14, my current video stream provider is great but it’s costing just a little too much for a hobby-based radio show (with the emphasis on radio).

A lot of you were liking the idea of a video feed though, and there are options out there with a range of ways that these are “monetised” (with adverts) to make my cost as little as possible. With this in mind, I have created a little survey that I would be grateful if you could participate in. It would only take a couple minutes to complete.

I will probably send out an independent link later too, but you can take the survey now if you like!

Thanks in advance!

Jan 07

BBB 2015-01-07 Cancelled


Heads-up! Just to let you guys know that the BBB scheduled for today (Wednesday January 7) has been cancelled. Nothing major – it’s just that it’s my first day back at work and I just know that I’m not going to deliver any kind of show that’s going to be nice to listen to, as poor Brian would have been all used up!

So the first official BBB will be on Wednesday January 14 – see you there!

Dec 18

A Saturday Silliness at last!

[The Saturday Silliness]

It’s been a long time, but Leoni and I are back together this weekend for a Saturday Silliness! Join us this Saturday (December 20) for the usual silly banter in between your requests. We start at the usual time of 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC).

Dec 17

Ho ho ho, Christmas Special!



It’s the “Christmas Special” tonight (Wednesday December 17), which means there’ll be lots of tunes that have a cynical stab at the Christmas market. Also I’m going to try out the web stream again – the permalink is always live.bozretro.com! I’ve gone back to my old providers, Bambuser, who have been good to me in the past, plus it’s nice not to have to rely on the behemoth that is Google all the time.

If you haven’t heard the good news over on SLAY Radio, the show archive is back! There’s a gap of shows at the moment between The Big Crash and last week when the download page was activated again – these shows will be added manually as time permits. In the meantime, I’m randomly uploading some of my shows that I’ve recorded locally. Check out shows.bozretro.com for the list.

Come along and celebrate Christmas a little earlier, tonight at 20:00 CET / 19:00 UTC / 14:00 EST / 11:00 PST / Thursday 06:00 AEDT!