Oct 15

“Laying a Cable” is not a euphemism

I’ll be doing a show as usual tonight, so don’t worry, this isn’t a cancellation message (as they mostly seem to be on this blog at the moment!). I just wanted to share some news from ComHem, who will become my new internet providers.

I sent them an e-mail at 07:50 this morning, asking if there’s any update on the fiber optic connection that was going to come along this year. It wasn’t an important question but they got back to me within 20 minutes, which was a surprise in itself.

The guy on the line had contacted GothNet (the subcontractors who are digging the road up to lay the cable down – plus they have a great name!) and they’re coming along on December 1. I’m not sure when the actual fiber will be connected to my house and the Big Switch is thrown, but I’m guessing it will be sometime later in December.

So, they’re within their delivery schedule and it means soon (in the new year realistically) I should have a more stable connection – and faster too, allowing me to start streaming video again, just like the brief period I had at the start of the year!

See you later!


Oct 03

RetroRoom™ Tech Setup

I thought, instead of posting a photo of the RetroRoom™ as it physically looks (because I want to finish off a few things first), I would show you a quick drawing of the technical setup of the audio stuff used for when I broadcast a show like the BBB.

The setup has been updated actually, as I prepare for the 10 Year Anniversary. There’s going to be guests, so I would need a way of having multiple mics and headphones, so I’ve had to go shopping for yet more technical gadgetry (this “hobby” of mine is not the cheapest I could have chosen!).

As soon as the RetroRoom is looking a little more tidy and set up the way I want it to, I’ll be posting pictures of that (or, indeed, a movie).

A "schematic" of the audio setup for the RetroRoom.

A “schematic” of the audio setup for the RetroRoom.

Sep 23

Moving On Up!


Ello!  Sorry, there’s another cancellation – tomorrow’s show (2014-09-24). There’s a good excuse though – my studio equipment is between two rooms. Yes, I’m finally moving up to the new RetroRoom! Unfortunately it’s taking a little longer than expected (and the modem doesn’t work upstairs, D’OH!) and it looks like I won’t have everything ready for tomorrow’s show. So, I’ll cancel this week and come back next week in the new studio!

Jolan Tru!

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Sep 01

BBB Cancelled 2014-09-03


I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel this Wednesday’s BBB (3rd September). I’m battling some kind of DMF that, while it’s not made me bed-ridden, is making me feel under the weather. So instead of delivering a show that’s even worse than usual <cue spontaneous audience laughter> I thought it would be better to skip a week and come back with my batteries fully recharged and a complete change of water in Brian’s petri dish.

Remember that the top-left section of the SLAY Radio website will tell you when there’s an upcoming show – the broadcasters usually add their show at least two days before the actual show, sometimes even earlier. There’s also an RSS feed here.

Jolan Tru!

Jul 31

Next BBB TUESDAY August 5!



My vacation finishes on a Wednesday, which means I’ll be back at work on Thursday. Because of this, I’m having my BBB on a Tuesday so that it can be a relaxed show, rather than having to think about work!

After this, we should be back to normal.

Jolan Tru!