Aug 05

No BBB for 2015-08-05 / Great Gathering!


I’m starting to get a bunch of PMs, so I thought I’d make it official that there’s NO SHOW this week from BozHQ. All being well thing will be back to normal next week!

Please be aware that there is an RSS feed showing what shows are coming up if you don’t want to have to go to the SLAY Radio page. It’s at Feel free to add that to your favourite RSS viewer app; the BBB show is usually added on the Monday of the week that it’s being broadcast.

I also would like to say thanks to everyone who turned up for the SLAY Radio Gathering this year – it was a fantastic weekend! Lots of new faces mingled in with regulars, which we love to see! Hopefully this is an indication of Gatherings to come.

“See” you all soon on the BBB!

Jul 17

2015-07-15 Show Cancellation (and Lack of Notice!)

[BBB]Ello everyone!

MANY apologies for cancelling last Wednesday’s show at such short notice – but more so because I didn’t give any notice out at the time. I was actually in bed when I cancelled the show! Don’t worry, I wasn’t ill, I was just very sleep-depraved due to being on vacation and my sleep cycle being completely buggered.

I will be back next Wednesday all being well!

Jun 24

Chris Hülsbeck pops in for a chat tonight

[BBB]Some of you may know that Christ Hülsbeck is currently running a Kickstarter for “The Piano Collection”, a combination of a book containing his most famous tunes as musical scores and piano renditions of those tunes played by Patrick Nevian. Chris has decided to drop in to the BBB for a little chat about that and other bits going on in his life!

He’s having an interview at the Frankfurt Film Festival at 6pm GMT, but then hot-footing it (or, more technically, choo-training it) back to his studio to bully his way onto the BBB show for a little more informal chat about life, the universe and tickling the ivories.

So, come along and join us tonight (24th June 2015) starting at 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC, 19:00 BST) on SLAY Radio!

Jun 10

No Show 2015-06-10

[BBB]Ello everyone!

Sorry, but there’s no show this week (10th June) – the DMF I’ve had has caught up and I’m running on reserve tanks. A good relax this week, though, and I’ll be back next week all being well!

Jolan Tru!


May 28

BBB Needs a New Logo!

[BBB]Above this text you can see the current logo for the BBB. It must have taken me all of five minutes to design and, as you can see, I’m not an artist! As mentioned on last night’s BBB, I would like a new logo. And that’s where you come in!

With the number of listeners we have, there must be a few of you who have an artist’s knack, so I would like to ask you to put your mind to making a new logo. It can be anything you want – as long as it’s legal and doesn’t violate any copyright! The aim is to make a logo that can be used on any website but can also be worn on clothing and accessories.

This, by the way, is how I will repay you: you will get the first press of an item of clothing or accessory in your choice of style, colour and size, thanks to our friends at Spreadshirt. You can see their current range here. I’ll pay for the printing and the delivery charges.

Make the logo “big” (let’s say, A4-paper size or equivalent) so that it can be scaled down. Vector graphics are preferable (SVG for instance), Spreadshirt can use an advanced pressing method using vectors; but lossless transparent raster images are also OK – we’re talking PNG of course. JPEG is a definite no-no because it’s lossy and has no transparent channel.

So, get your artistic juices flowing and send any results either to my e-mail – bbb -at-, or any of the other social media sites I’m at. I look forward seeing them and I’ll set up a page with all of your entries – maybe even open it up for a vote by you guys, rather than just my opinion.