Mar 18

BBB Resumes 2014-03-19!


A few of you eagle-eyed (or is that eagle-eared) folks discovered that we did a little testing last Friday night, after we managed to get the minimum SLAY Radio working.

All seems OK so far, so we’re going to attempt a full live show, which means the BBB is (hopefully) back!

Join me and my unique way of broadcasting (and I’m leaving that wide open to interpretation!) for the return of SLAY Radio live shows and the BBB, where you request and I ruin enhance them, and have a bit of a laugh along the way, to prop up the Taint of the Week™ between the two weekends.

Feb 26

BBB Cancelled 2014-02-26



You may have noticed that – and therefore – are down at the moment. Poor Slaygon has been scratching his head as to why it decided to fall over the way it did, but basically it means that no live shows can be broadcast (easily anyway, with the requester being offline too).

As a consequence, we’ve decided to cancel BBB tonight (Wednesday February 26). In the meantime, both Slaygon and I are forming a two-pronged attack to get something back online for you guys as soon as possible – the rotational is still available at the moment so you can still listen to SLAY Radio while we beaver away at getting some web content thrown at your optical nerves.

More info as and when.

Jolan Tru!

Jan 27

RotY Results

Ello folks!

Well I hope you managed to have a listen to the RotY awards show last Saturday – it was broadcast from SceneSat Studio One and simulcast to other stations, including SLAY Radio, so hopefully you didn’t miss it!

If you did, or want to be refreshed on the results, they can be found here on’s website.

I would like to congratulate everyone who won. Particularly nice to see was that druu got Best Newcomer – as you may have heard on my show, he gets a ribbing for his songs being “awful” and yet he has the indecency to win himself an award. Hopefully he’ll carry on churning out his dismal ear-deafening squeaks for many years to come. It was also most gratifying to see both Marcel Donné and Reyn Ouwehand sharing the Lifetime Achievement Award this year too. These two guys have been “in the scene” for a hell of a time, both composing original SIDs and remixing them in their later personas. Well-deserved.

Now, let’s get started voting on 2014 – you can always change your mind later on, so it’s never too early!

See you on Wednesday!

Dec 31

Happy New Year!

So that was 2013 then! Reading my friends’ and listeners’ posts, sometimes it feels like it was all a “bad year”, but I think there was some good in there as well. Personally, it’s been a year of ups and downs, but I’m a generally optimistic person so I’ve pretty much forgotten all the bad things really. It was a lovely summer! And the winter has been relatively kind to us Gothenburgians so far too.

2014 is going to be a year of milestones for me, as far as SLAY Radio goes. It will be ten years since I was first heard on SLAY (via the Boz and Skitz Experience, 2004-03-05), the first Z Show with me and Kenz (2004-03-28), and the one that I’m looking forward to the most – ten years of broadcasting the BBB! The first broadcast was 2004-11-03. This will be on a Monday in 2014 so I’ll either celebrate the week before, or on the 5th November – which also happens to be Guy Fawkes’ Night in England. More info nearer the time – there’s still a few months to go and I don’t want to hurry 2014 up!

Also, you may have seen a couple posts about some sad news about one of my “family members”, Talle the big grey cat. We’re not sure what exactly happened but his tail was badly injured. He had to be rushed to the vet, where they decided to amputate his tail. He’s back at home (the vet says home care is more comforting for a pet, something to which I agree) and I’m feeding him painkillers and antibiotics twice daily for the next ten days (at time of writing), at which point he gets another trip to the vet’s to have his stitches removed.  Because of this, I want to keep an eye on Talle and this means my first BBB of 2014 won’t be for a couple weeks (also at time of writing). I want to make sure he’s fine on the medication before I start shouting inane blabberings into a microphone again!

So, to all of you: Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you all what you wish for.

Dec 18

Wendy Ho Interview Postponed

Ello everyone!

A little bit of sad news I’m afraid – the interview with Wendy Ho WILL happen, just not this side of Christmas. The Ho herself contacted me to let me know that she has a family member who is ill and needs taking care of around Christmas – something that I’m sure you’ll agree takes priority.

She asked me to apologise for those of you looking forward to it and she promises to come along for a chat early in the new year, so look out for that!

In the meantime (sung to the chorus of In the Navy), this will be the “Christmas Special”, although it’s rumoured that I’ll also be doing a show on Christmas Day. However, I expect most of you will be skipping that show live and playing with your new Christmas toys!

See you later on this evening!