Jul 03

New BBB Google+ Page

Facebook: Is it me or is it a case of “The times, they are a-changing”? Every day that goes by, more and more of my internet chums are leaving Facebook. The timelines are a joke now too, with an incredible amount of irrelevant topics, “whore-linking” (along the lines of You Wouldn’t Believe What Happens Next) and adverts.

And do you know, Google+ has been around for a long time. People scoffed at Google when they tried different social networking experiments but decided to keep going with Google+. It looks like it might have been a smart move. I’m noticing more and more of said internet chums moving over to that from Facebook.

To that end, I’ve created a BBB Google+ page. The Facebook page will continue as-is for now (although I am seriously considering just packing my bags with the rest of them), but I think I will be building up the Plus page more and more from now on.

The BBB Google+ page can be found right here. Let me know if there’s anything I could do to add value to it.

May 06

Boz is F***ing Annoying: It’s Official!

Either it’s utter ignorance or utter annoyance, but Tele2 have decided to fob me off to another provider. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

The rest of this post is a rant. To sum up: TL;DR – don’t choose Tele2.

As some of you more recent listeners may know, for the past three weeks or so I’ve been in constant contact with Tele2 about upgrading my ADSL aka TTCPS (Two Tin Cans and a Piece of String) connection to something resembling the 21st Century. It’s been impossible since moving in here six years ago as the previous owners decided not to let ElTel install a fiber connection, stopping two doors away from me. However, I regularly check Tele2′s web site, where you can enter your address and see what technologies are available to you and, a month ago, the status changed stating Fiber was available to me.

I pretty much immediately phoned up Tele2′s customer support. “Yes,” said the support rep, “I’ve just looked here and it does seem possible!” to which I immediately signed up for the 100/100 option. After the call ended, however, I realised I had forgotten to ask a pretty important question, so I phoned up again. “I don’t actually have a datauttag (data socket) in my house; will you be arranging a time to install that too?”

“Ah….” was the hesitant reply, “no; that means you do not in fact have a fiber cable connected to your house. Tell you what, you need to telephone ElTel up and get that connected up. Then you can get the connection from us.”

“Ah…” was the hesitant reply — again — when I phoned ElTel up. “We’re only a subcontractor. Your provider has to give us the work order so we can install the cable.”

At this point, we entered an infinite loop. Many phone calls and e-mails were passed, Tele2 saying that they “don’t do hardware” and I need to call ElTel; ElTel apologising and saying they’re a subcontractor and can’t do the work without permission. I do believe I used the word “bullshit” in one of my e-mails to Tele2. Eventually, I realised I needed more help, so I called on Telekområdgivarna (Telecoms Advice Bureau), a band of mostly lawyers, to step in. One of them gave me an alternative e-mail address for Tele2 to use and how to phrase my complaint.

It seemed to work: last Friday (2nd May) I received an acknowledgment from Tele2 saying that their “hardware department” (which Tele2′s customer support refused to admit existed) would contact me.

Last Monday (5th May) was my favourite call, however. It was from a representative for ComHem – another data provider – and GothNet, a different cable installer. “We’ve been given your account details from Tele2. We’re going to come to your house, explain our services and prices and then, in a couple months’ time, install a fiber connection.”  An hour after this phone call, I got an automated SMS from Tele2 confirming that a subcontractor (with an ID, not a name – it was THAT automated) has taken over the work and my account.

No actual human from Tele2 has contacted me since, either by voice or e-mail. It’s as though I’m dead to them and/or they’re burying their head in the sand until I’ve gone away to let them live their perfect, peaceful, non-Boz life.

Good riddance, I say.



Mar 18

BBB Resumes 2014-03-19!


A few of you eagle-eyed (or is that eagle-eared) folks discovered that we did a little testing last Friday night, after we managed to get the minimum SLAY Radio working.

All seems OK so far, so we’re going to attempt a full live show, which means the BBB is (hopefully) back!

Join me and my unique way of broadcasting (and I’m leaving that wide open to interpretation!) for the return of SLAY Radio live shows and the BBB, where you request and I ruin enhance them, and have a bit of a laugh along the way, to prop up the Taint of the Week™ between the two weekends.

Feb 26

BBB Cancelled 2014-02-26



You may have noticed that c64.org – and therefore SLAYRadio.org – are down at the moment. Poor Slaygon has been scratching his head as to why it decided to fall over the way it did, but basically it means that no live shows can be broadcast (easily anyway, with the requester being offline too).

As a consequence, we’ve decided to cancel BBB tonight (Wednesday February 26). In the meantime, both Slaygon and I are forming a two-pronged attack to get something back online for you guys as soon as possible – the rotational is still available at the moment so you can still listen to SLAY Radio while we beaver away at getting some web content thrown at your optical nerves.

More info as and when.

Jolan Tru!