Sep 09

BBB News in a Blog?

Can it be true?

Yes it can! The BBB News Feed is now a Blog – fed from Blogger in fact. The reason is that there are going to be some exciting changes being made soon, and it requires “proper” blog software.

I’m making the change now so that it’s all in place as soon as possible – and if there are any glitches, I can trample on them before we get going for real.

Watch this space!

Aug 30

New site design (again)!

Yep, I’ve been tinkering again!

Although the old site design was “nice” in that it emulated Commodore 64 screens, I felt that it just wasn’t working, it was too “static” (even though the engine was dynamically creating the screens from a database).

So, I’ve redesigned the site to be more of a “normal” page layout again. Some of the older news will still have C64 screens, and maybe I’ll design a few in the future too, but the main “meat” of the site is back to more human-readable stuff.

It’s easier to subscribe to the news and other things now, too, and it makes it easier for me to keep the news more up-to-date, as I don’t have to generate a C64 screen all the time!

Anyway, have a look around and I hope the site is more readable now.