Feb 28

New Website Launched


In preparation for Wednesday’s BBB (which also happens to be the first leap-day that the BBB has transmitted on), I have started on a new site design.

The old site was programatically fun to work on, but was nigh-on impossble to maintain – in fact, I hadn’t done anything to it for at least 18 months. I have mentioned that the BBB is going back to the “old style” – using the previous intros and going into the first request; in fact, the flow of the show itself is going to change just a little bit over the next few months. The first section (On This Day) is something that you seem to like but it was getting rather lengthy, so I’ve broken it up into segments. Ironically I’ve chosen February 29 as the first time to try this, which is difficult because it only happens once every four years (ish). But it’s a good place to start!

The site itself is the “bare minimum” that I wanted to deliver. It is, however, a lot easier for me to “plug in” more content when needed and I hope to make it grow as we go along.

Gone also is the choice you had on first visit – going to to the “new look” or keeping the old style. This was because the “old” new site relied on a couple of HTML5-only attributes. Because browsers have updated since and I’m not using HTML5-exclusivity any more, both sites have been resigned and now there’s only the one site for me to worry about.

Have a look around and see what you think. And I’ll see you on Wednesday evening 🙂


Jan 09

BBB Cancelled 2012-01-11


Sorry to say that this Wednesday’s BBB is cancelled. Real Life stuff – we’re renovating several rooms in the house so I will be either busy or tired after a few days’ work!

All being well I will be back as normal next week.

Jolan Tru,