Nov 24

BBB Back 2015-12-02, Live Feed and Twitch

Ello everyone!

I thought I’d give you all an update on what’s going on in the World of Boz as it’s been a while since we’ve touched base! There’s a few things happening soon…


BBB will be back Wednesday 2nd December 2015 on SLAY Radio! It’s been a bit of a sabbatical as you’re all aware. As I mentioned on a previous show, there’s been some “stuff” going on in Real Life that I had to concentrate on more. It’s been the longest break I’ve taken from BBB, but my batteries will be fully charged and I’ll be ready for action.

More news too…. VIDEO! Remember at the start of the year when I dabbled in a video feed? There were a few glitched unfortunately, plus concerns about cost because there was at least one problem with all the free solutions. BUT, thanks to my friends at Bambuser, I’ll be able to provide a live feed again from the first show back. Fingers crossed everyone! The feed will be available at This is also useful if we need to switch at any point – that URL will take you where you need to go.

[Just Playin'!]

News on the Twitch front too. While I’ve been taking a sabbatical on BBB there have been a few Twitch feeds (although they’ve also been scarce the past couple weeks). But, they’ll be back as well. I’m hoping to play a few random games over the next week, but make a note that I’ll be playing JUST CAUSE 3 as soon as it’s unlocked on my console, which is Tuesday December 1 at 00:01 CET (or thereabouts). So, just as I did with Fallout 4, I’ll be getting into the fantastic Just Cause universe again. In case you didn’t know, Just Cause 2 is still one of my favourite games EVER, so I’m really looking forward to this third installment! I’m also thinking of playing Just Cause 2 as a lead-up to the release so you guys get to see what the fuss is all about.

You probably know what my Twitch feed URL is but make a note of this: This will always get you to where you need to be!

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon!

Dec 18

A Saturday Silliness at last!

[The Saturday Silliness]

It’s been a long time, but Leoni and I are back together this weekend for a Saturday Silliness! Join us this Saturday (December 20) for the usual silly banter in between your requests. We start at the usual time of 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC).

Nov 02

The BBB Ten Year Anniversary is Nigh!


It’s here! Who’d have thought that ten years would fly by as quick as it has? And how scary is THAT?! But the Ten Year Anniversary of the BBB is coming – this Saturday, November 8, 2014 in fact! We start at 20:00 CET, which is UTC+1 (UTC is the same as GMT/Zulu). If you have trouble converting that into your timezone, then this handy link will help you convert it.

I won’t be broadcasting this show on my own, seeing as it’s a special one, so I will be accompanied by a few guests. I am happy to announce that I will be joined by SLAY Radio’s Beloved Leader, Slaygon; Leoni, who has been a long-time listener and who has broadcast the Friday Funnies and Saturday Sillies with me in the past; Makke (Goooooooooood) who has been on “The Scene” for a long time, broadcasting his own shows in the past on SLAY Radio and co-broadcasting with me; and one of the longest-time listeners who has been listening to me since the Z Show days, Druu (formerly Und3fin3d).

As usual your requests will be played, although there will probably be a lot of reminiscing and utter bollocks in the process.

If will forewarn you though that, although I wanted a video feed, that might not be possible. The fiber connection I so wanted by the time of this show has been delayed until the start of December, so it’s probably going to be an audio-only feed, unless a miracle happens! Stay tuned if there’s any development on that.

Those of you on Facebook can go to the Event Page for any updates; I’ll probably update Twitter too.

See you on Saturday November 8 at 20:00 CET!  Oh and, by the way, I’ll be doing a show as normal this Wednesday (November 5), which is also Guy Fawkes Night in England!

Jolan Tru!