Apr 12

A Tremor in the Force

A disturbance has happened in the interaction of this Boz-type device and SLAY Radio – for good though. As you know, the BBB has been in a transition to become the BBKB and we are quickly coming up to the first anniversary of Kate and I being shackled together for your delectation and delight.

With this in mind, Things™ have been happening in the background and now it’s all coming together; BBKB now has its own website and Twitter account and the Facebook page has changed from BBBSLAYRadio to BBKBSLAYRadio.

That means that this blog no longer has to “suffer” from dual personality. It started off as being a blog about me and the stuff I do, but BBKB is old enough to go its own way and this can get back to being all about me.

So, if you want to keep up-to-date with the BBKB stuff, you can visit bbkb.show, follow @BBKB_Show on Twitter and follow the BBKB page on Facebook!

This blog will continue as and when needed, including maybe telling you guys about That Thing I Do on a Saturday Sometimes™.

Jolan Tru!

Mar 15

BBKB 2017-03-15 Cancelled


Eh up!

Sorry for the late notice, but BBKB is cancelled this week (2017-03-15). Real Life has gotten in the way for both of us 🙁

Normal service will be resumed next week!

Jolan Tru!


Mar 10

Brainstorm – OutOhMat Demo (feat. BBKB 2017-03-08)

Those of you listening to BBKB on 2017-03-08 will know that Kate played the music to OutOhMat by Datastorm. One of the things she mentioned was that the demo is in 80×50 text mode, rather than a graphics mode. So I thought I’d post the links here because it is actually a very nice demo to look at!

So, watch the demo via Youtube here, or get more information from Pouet here 🙂

Jolan Tru!