ADSR Show Incoming 25 April!

Oh lordy lordy – it’s happening again! Slaygon, Marcel and Boz fly and drive over to the Church of Reyn and destroy his expensive musical equipment as he tries to remain professional and play your SID requests live!

It’s the second ADSR, the first one almost exactly a year ago (where did THAT year go?!), so it’s definitely time to invade your ears and sensibility with random japery in the Netherlands.

Join us from 20:00 CEST here on SLAY Radio and get your requests played!

Fascinating Fact: ADSR stands for both “Attack, Decay, Suspend, Release”, the kind of volume envelope used in the SID, but also “Alistair, Donné, Slaygon, Reyn”, the four eejits you’ll hear over the virtual airwaves.

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