The Times, They Are Becoming Slightly Different


As I’ve mentioned on the previous couple of BBBs, a Real Life incident has occurred that necessitates a change in schedule. I have an assignment that will take me out of Gothenburg – for 100% of the week for the first month, then at 60% (i.e. three days) from then until sometime mid-summer.

So, for the first month (starting this Monday), there will be no BBB shows on a Wednesday. Depending on how I feel, there may be an impromptu show sometime over the weekends, or there may be a Friday Frolics / Saturday Silliness with Leoni, but definitely no Wednesday BBB.

Depending on how I make up this 60% after the first month, the BBB should be back on a Wednesday. If, however, I have to change things a bit, I might have to do it on (for example) a Thursday instead, up until the assignment finishes.

This is going to be an odd time for me – I’ve done the BBB for eight years on a Wednesday, so it’s going to feel like something is missing in my life for a bit. But I hope you understand – the assignment I’m on, while I can’t go into detail because of Non-Disclosure, is going to be exciting, even though it’s going to be weird to live in a hotel for a month or so!

I’ll try and keep you all updated with any news. In the meantime, keep SLAY Radio going by listening to the rotational and the other broadcasters when you can!

Jolan Tru!

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