SLAY Radio

I am proud to have worked with Slaygon over at SLAY Radio, which is the “Home of Commodore 64 Remixes“. Some shows I broadcast on my own, some I do with other people. Here’s a brief description of the shows I’m working on at the moment.


BBB (Boz‘s Bit o’Bollocks) started in 2004 as a mid-week companion to The Z Show, a show broadcast on Sunday with like-minded retro chum Kenz. BBB originally meant the “Bowness Bit o’ Bollocks”, Bowness being my surname and, if said with slightly different emphasis, sounds like “Bonus”, because it was a bonus to the Sunday show. The show was irregular to start with, but quickly became a weekly affair. In 2005 I moved to Sweden and I decided to continue BBB. Still going strong, the BBB is the longest-running radio show for the retro scene.

[Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast is a generic title for shows that Boz broadcasts with Leoni, a long-time listener and friend. Leoni had no background experience with SID tunes but, thanks to a chance encounter with Mastering Swedish, started listening and got to learn all about SID. Boz and Leoni quickly became friends and, and 2012, started broadcasting shows together. The actual name of the show depends on the day of broadcast. So far, we’ve had the Friday Frolics, the Saturday Silliness and the Wednesday Willies.

Whaddaya think?