What’s SLAY Radio?

You’ve probably seen SLAY Radio mentioned a number of times around here, so here’s a brief intro:

SLAY Radio is an internet-based radio station devoted in playing remixes of SID tunes. It’s been around since… well, “2002”-ish. The owner, Slaygon, can’t remember the exact year, because it was one of those projects that started on a whim to let his friends listen. All of a sudden it became more public and, in 2004, the first live shows were broadcast.

We’ve had Makke, Tas, Mahoney, Andreas, Anna Black and Alice who have come and gone. We’ve had DJ Skitz who sadly left us way too early. We have new broadcasters now like Star (DJ Burning Star) and Krax. And there’s some bloke called Boz who’s been around for pretty much the whole time. SLAY Radio is still going after all this time. And it’s because of you, the listener. We love you!

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