For those of you who are new to the BBB, there might be a few words or phrases that you’re not familiar with. So I thought I’d compile a glossary of terms to help you! They’re not in any particular order except that I just add them when I think of them!


Brian is the name of Boz’s brain. He lives in a Petri dish by the front door, mainly because Boz doesn’t have much use for him all the time. Sometimes Boz forgets to add fresh saltwater to the dish, which results in extra confusing babbling.

The name “Brian” came about when Boz spelt “brain” wrong once, and it just stuck.

(So) There You Go

A terrible phrase that Boz got into saying a lot. Thankfully he’s aware of it now and it’s being used less and less, unless Brian forgets to remind him.


Two nods of the head, but spelt wrong. Comes from the IRC channel and other people started repeating it. Boz even says “Nondod” in his head sometimes when he nods his head. Seriously, Brian is fucked.


No matter how much Boz tries to stop saying it, “erm” is the interjection of his choice. Well, actually not choice because he doesn’t want to use it, but he says it all the time when Brian is catching up with what he wants to say. Annoying for everyone concerned.

In the Meantime

Sung to the chorus of “In the Navy”, this is something Boz started in the middle of 2012 and has become a “show stable” now.


A more guttural spelling of “what”. This comes about when Boz pauses a tune at a specific moment and there’s some silence, or an alternative small tune is played, or a combination. After the pause, Boz says “Wot?” in his Leicester accent and the original tune continues. Measures an impressive 11 on the Annoy-o-Meter.

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