Who’s Boz?

Hello! My name’s Alistair but I go by the name Boz. The nickname was given to me when I was at school and I read a lot of Charles Dickens‘ books, his pen-name being Boz. It’s also short for my surname, Bowness. However, there’s a few Bozzes out there on the internet, so I usually use the longer online nick of BozRetro, to denote what I’m interested in!

I hail originally from Leicester, UK but, after a ten-year stint in Chessington and a two-year stay in Worcester, I moved to a different country – Gothenburg in Sweden to be precise. I am currently a Developer in Test working at Toyota Material Handling Logistical Solutions (TMHLS), working mostly in C♯ and using SpecFlow (with Gherkin).

In September 1982 I got my first computer – a Sinclair ZX81. My friend was selling it second-hand and my parents agreed to pay for it. It was a major turning point in my life. I was already addicted to the arcade games I could play, so having my own little computer to work on was fantastic. The ZX81 had no sound and was black-and-white, but it was still fun. My dad also saw how interested I was so, for Christmas 1982, I got a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Not only did I play games but I programmed them as well, albeit in Basic.

Christmas 1985 was the biggest milestone – I got my Commodore 64. I had seen them around but, around my birthday, I actually got to hear what fantastic music could be played on it – via Martin Galway and his version of Chariots of Fire, the title music to Hyper Sports, and Rob Hubbard‘s fantastic Monty on the Run title music. My parents got the hints I was dropping, and the C64 was mine at Christmas!

I programmed in Basic to start with, but quickly moved onto machine code. Programming on the 6510 (a slight update on 6502) was a great challenge with its reduced instruction set. But my hobby was also to sit back and listen to the tunes that people were composing for games and demos, using the SID chip.

In 1991 I got an Amiga A500, which was also great fun (programming for the 68000 chip) and there were some good games, but I still held onto my C64. Then PCs took over when sound and video cards got better and better, along with the speed of the PCs themselves, and that was the end of my home computer run.

Nowadays I keep up with the latest gaming consoles. I went from Playstation (One) to Nintendo 64 to Playstation 2. From then I’ve stayed with Microsoft, having the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. My recent “thing” is to Twitch myself playing console games, except for sometimes when I Go Retro!

I’ve kept my “breadbin”, the C64. I still have it to this day, set up and ready to use whenever I feel like it.

That’s why I got into Twitch and SLAY Radio, playing remixes of the aforementioned tunes, and that’s why I’m a broadcaster!

Whaddaya think?