Donation heroes

A list of people who have graciously donated money to the BBB Equipment Fund. Amounts are in USD. NOTE that these are contributions made from the Donate button on this page, not on the Twitch page. They’re shown elsewhere.

Who When What Original Currency
Glen McNamee (C64Glen) 2014-11-06 5.00 USD
Misja van Laatum 2014-11-07 24,76 EUR (20)
Misja van Laatum 2014-11-07 5.00 USD
Jani Närvänen (Defektro) 2014-11-08 12.00 EUR (10)
Kristian Michael (Ace_DK) 2014-11-08 50.00 USD
Gohanks 2014-11-14 14.00 USD
Andrew Layden 2014-11-17 5.00 USD
Michael Kagarise 2014-11-19 5.00 USD
atomSmash 2014-12-02 50.00 USD
Jani Närvänen 2015-02-20 12.00 USD
Jani Närvänen 2015-05-30 12.00 USD
Andrew Layden 2015-09-23 20.00 USD
Kris Jankiewicz 2016-02-22 20.00 USD
Andrew Layden 2016-08-15 20.00 USD
Russ 2016-10-13 62.00 USD
Defektro 2016-10-20 12.00 USD
Andrew Layden 2017-02-14 20.00 USD
lclhstr 2017-02-16 13.37 USD

2 thoughts on “Donation heroes

  1. Update your fucking heros! I listen to your shows, live when I can but if I can’t then I do while I’m taking a long shit and doing so my legs go numb and I can stand up and have to wait until the viral rabid raccoons chew my legs off in order to use by shoes as hand slippers to hand walk my way to the kitchen to reach the phone to call animal control only to tell them that BOZ doesn’t update his heros page. Just laughs mate. Missed the last show but will listen later, been busy. Hope all is well.

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