Console Games

One of the main focuses of Just Playin’! will be the console games, both new and old (but not TOO old). I’m an Xbox user, so the games will be coming from my Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But only just – Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, delayed the release of Xbox One in Scandinavia by a year and I almost defected to “The Other Side”, being Sony’s PS4.

In the end, however, I realized that I had worked hard to get my Microsoft Gamer Points and I had been a Gold Member for seven years at the time, so I sat there patiently until my Day One Xbone was delivered to me. It was the right decision – I love my Xbone!

You’ll see me flailing around on new games when I can get my grubby little mitts on them, as well some of the higher-selling titles as a reminder of what the Xbone has to offer. Usually I keep my microphone switched on, so I will commentate a little, and also curse when I die or crash!