Aug 30

New site design (again)!

Yep, I’ve been tinkering again!

Although the old site design was “nice” in that it emulated Commodore 64 screens, I felt that it just wasn’t working, it was too “static” (even though the engine was dynamically creating the screens from a database).

So, I’ve redesigned the site to be more of a “normal” page layout again. Some of the older news will still have C64 screens, and maybe I’ll design a few in the future too, but the main “meat” of the site is back to more human-readable stuff.

It’s easier to subscribe to the news and other things now, too, and it makes it easier for me to keep the news more up-to-date, as I don’t have to generate a C64 screen all the time!

Anyway, have a look around and I hope the site is more readable now.