Mental Issues

So, even if nobody else reads this, it’s more of a diary for me.

In the middle of March 2021, one Monday morning, I woke up and said to myself, “I can’t do this anymore”.

You see, I had been on 75mg of Venlafaxine per day for about 6 years. It’s a long story bound for another post some day. But something triggered me over the weekend and I couldn’t face work. Thankfully, my line manager was an angel; she immediately told me to go on sick leave and visit a doctor.

TL;DR I had a month off work and my dose was increased to 112mg per day. Plus, I was assigned a therapist by Occupational Health, who happened to be a perfect match.

I’m on my way back to reality now. It feels good.

3 thoughts on “Mental Issues

  1. You may think no one is listening, but on the Internet someone always is.:)

    Really sorry to hear about your health, but I’m relieved to hear about your optimism going forward. Mental health is super hard to deal with and it’s important to have the right people near you. Sounds like you do.

    Get better, faster, etc!

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